Tips for painting your concrete driveway

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Tips for painting your concrete driveway

When it comes to painting your concrete driveway it’s very important for you to pay attention to it because it’s exposed to harms like harsh weather, gasoline leaks and oil spills. And it also increases the value of your property. You can paint it yourself, but you should know it’s not an easy job for amateurs and it might take you longer than you expect. In order to save your time and money and a flawless look, our professional and trained painters in Melbournee are ready to help you.

Steps for painting your concrete driveway

1. Cleaning and sweeping your concrete driveway

First of all, you should start by cleaning the probable stains that might cover your driveway. You can get rid of oil or unwanted stains by mixing ¼ cup of trisodium phosphate for each gallon of tepid water in a container. You should wear gloves while you are working on the stains with a bristle brush.

2. Mask up the edges of your driveway

Your driveway may have several surrounding edges such as walls and doors around the garage and fences. Usually, the garden edges need to stay put and clear meaning without stains of the paint. To pursue your intention you should mask up all those edges by wide tapes.

3. Cover the holes in your driveway

First, you can look around to find holes. If you find them, it’s necessary for you to fill all of the holes before starting to paint. Now you should fill all the holes with concrete filler. Take your time for it to dry, then scrape the surface to remove dirt or other matter until it gets smooth. Wash the driveway properly with high-pressure water and wait for a couple of days until it completely dries.

4. Start painting your driveway

The first step for painting the driveway is to dilute the driveway paint with mineral turpentine. The reason being is, the driveway paint is heavy paint and it’s hard to make it soft and smooth. Then you can use a paint roller to cover your intended spot with painting materials. let it dry for 16 hours, and now we’re finished with the first layer we can move on to the next step. In order to cover the intended spot you should use undiluted paint. You should wait for 7 days to use your driveway. It is important to know you should not walk on the driveway for the first 24 hours. Then after 72 hours, feel free to walk around.

The advantages of painting your concrete driveway

  • By using the concrete painting for your driveway, you don’t have to suffer through boring grey colour for your driveway, and you can paint your concrete driveway any colour you are interested in. Thanks to recent day technology, you can choose your favourite colour from an unending list of colours. On the other hand, it makes your property outstanding.
  •  The second reason that we can mention is driveway cracks. Concrete can be cracked by some usual shifts of the earth like changes of the season, foreign materials, and roots of the tree. Also, shrinkage is another cause of cracking. When the concrete is dry it will crack, mainly because of the evaporation of extra water. When you paint your concrete driveway with concrete paint, it keeps its surface smooth, then it prevents evaporation of moisture, increasing the ability of concrete to any weather shifts. The main advantage of painting your driveway is that it covers the defects of your driveway such as holes, cracks, and stains, etc.
  • Your concrete driveway might crack while it is been used a lot. To prevent this kind of situation it is better for you to paint your concrete to provide longevity.

In conclusion, painting driveway is a work for professionals, but you can use this article to do it on your own. We at LPD Painting can offer you all kinds of painting services in Melbourne. Please contact us for a free quote.


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