How to pick the perfect exterior painting for your house
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How to pick the perfect exterior painting for your house

Painting the exterior of your house

Painting the exterior of your house may seem like a job for professionals, but if you’ve got the motivation and some basic knowledge of paints and painting, it’s a job you may want to tackle yourself.

Combination of colours for exterior house painting

A perfect combination of colours will highlight the most beautiful parts of your home so you need to know a little bit about architecture. It can also disguise design flaws, boosting the curb appeal and market value of your home. On the other hand, if you make a wrong decision, it will cause some problems for example colours that are blah, make your house seem flat and featureless. But if the paint colours you pick are too bold, they might overwhelm the architecture  and upset your neighbours.
When it comes to picking exterior paint colours, there are a number of factors to consider before making a final decision.

Here are some practical advice to help you choose the perfect exterior colour for your dream house.

  • Prepare a sketch or photograph of your house

    Use watercolours or coloured pencils in order to find the best colour combinations and narrow your choices. Then use free tools to help you choose.

  • prepare a sample of your house for computer colour matching

    bring in a sample of your house’s permanent materials to the paint store for computer colour matching. Thanks to technological advances and cutting edge machines, you can find the best colour combination that suits your house exterior painting in no time.
    Pay careful attention to the colours exist on your exterior that cannot be changed—the dark grey flecks in your brick, for instance, or that blue cast in your roofing shingles.

  • Try not to change colours entirely

    For some accents, consider using darker or lighter shades instead of changing colours entirely.

  • Add character and charm by painting your window trims and architectural details in a contrasting accent colour. It is also a good idea to use colour to emphasize your entryway.
  • Take a general look

    Buy test sizes of the paint colours that you’re considering and paint some brush-outs on the exterior. Put some colour on both the north and south sides of your house, where lighting can differ significantly, and near any trim you’re coordinating with. Visit sample painted parts at different times of day to get the best idea of how the finished product will look.

  • Using high quality and durable colours are essential for exterior painting. They are always exposed to detrimental environmental factors such as sunlight, rain and etc. You don’t like to climb up a scaffold again anytime soon — or paying for someone else to do it — so paint needs to cover well, resist stains and stand up to weather. We at LPD painting can offer you colours with best quality.
  • Light colours make your house look larger and more inviting. If painted on a house that’s sited away from the curb, they can bring the structure visually forward. Dark colours, meanwhile, make the house look more substantial, and especially if applied to a home’s lower portion, they suggest stability and permanence. They will also draw more attention to details.
  • Accenting is great When it’s used to highlight the more attractive elements of your home. Avoid drawing attention to drab features like gutters, air conditioning units, or unevenly placed windows.
  • Trends in exterior paint doesn’t change fast

    The colour you choose today is highly likely to still be in style tomorrow, or in the next ten years. White used to be the “safe” choice, but more and more people are experimenting with colour and tinted neutrals. Tour a few neighbourhoods to get a sense of what others are opting for.

  • Use your personal taste

    It’s a good idea to be creative. it’s usually a bad idea to pick colours that is completely in contrast with your neighbours’ exteriors. You can always stand out, but try to do so in a less noticeable way! Maximize curb appeal by ensuring that your house and yard are in harmony. A house with green exterior painting would get lost on a heavily wooded lot, while a bright colour might appear too brash where landscaping is sparse.

All the above mentioned advice are so practical if you want to have a general understanding of exterior painting. However, you may need to talk to some skilful advisors to be sure about the subtle details of your final decision. Spend a proper amount of your budget on asking an expert for some practical pieces of advice not only is not wasting your money, but also can save you some unpredictable future problems. we at LPD painting can help you with free quote.


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