How to paint your weatherboard house

Weatherboard Repairs Melbourne

How to paint your weatherboard house

Weatherboard is the wooden siding of a house in the form of horizontal panels, often overlying and the purpose of weatherboard painting is to make the appearance of a house better protect it from water, corrosion, bugs and mould. Our exterior painters are highly experienced in weatherboard house painting in Melbourne.

We are the best in our field. We operate in and out of the city and surrounding areas and we have painted hundreds of new and old houses.

Our exterior painters are ready to help you with any type of painting work inside your place.

Restore Your Weatherboard House

Weatherboard cladding has had its own share in Australian house design since the early days of European settlement. Several numbers of Melbourne’s houses are weatherboards and some of its fresher houses have adopted the rustic attraction of this style as well.

Preparing a Weatherboard Home

The preparation stage is the most essential part of painting a weatherboard house. We have a firm routine when it comes to preparing. Here are the steps that we do when it comes to Preparing a Weatherboard Home:

  • Pressure Wash, make sure that all dirt has been removed, mould and peeling paint.
  • Then we sand, fix, burn off all peeling, blistering and bubbling paint.
  • Find all rotting timber, do the replacement where it requires
  • We power sand every surface with sanding equipment.
  • We fill every hole, crack and flaw, even the ones you can’t see!
  • Then prime all bare timbers and plasters without cutting any corners.

Weatherboard Timber Rot Repair

Our expert painters in Melbourne know what needs to be repaired and replaced. We find all timber rot and suggest this to our clients for repair. With LPD Painting on call, we can find any timber rot and provide you with a quote to replace it. Once the quote is accepted, we come to the site and start the rot repairs. There is no need to delay the project while you try and find a carpenter for repairs. We have every employment under one roof.

Contact LPD Painting for a free quote in Melbourne.


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