Exterior House Painters Melbourne
How to pick the perfect exterior painting for your house

Painting the exterior of your house Painting the exterior of your house may seem like a job for professionals, but if you’ve got the motivation and some basic knowledge of...

Painting Companies Melbourne
The importance of choosing the right painting company

When it comes to painting your house exterior or interior, it would be better to hire a professional painting company. There are so many advantages you can get from professional...

Commercial Painting Melbourne
Tips on choosing the right painting company for your commercial project

Residential painting and commercial painting companies. In fact, while residential painting companies specialise in doing a great job painting your home. They are often not equipped to handle larger painting...

Office Painters St Kilda
Eco-friendly paints and tips for painting office

You face eco-friendly paints when you go to the local hardware store. you most probably not only see eco-friendly paints but also hundreds of brands and shades to pick from....

Interior Home Painters
How to paint a ceiling in the best possible way

Ceilings and walls often become stained over time and need to be re-painted. A fresh coat of paint has the ability to transform your house interior at relatively low cost....

Melbourne Interior House Painters
Painting your interior with useful tips

Painting the interior parts of your house can help you to change your mood drastically. If you get tired of living in a boring house that surrounds you with white walls,...

Home Painters Melbourne
Tips for painting your concrete driveway

When it comes to painting your concrete driveway it’s very important for you to pay attention to it because it’s exposed to harms like harsh weather, gasoline leaks and oil...

Commercial Painting Melbourne
Advantages of a commercial paint job for your business

As a business owner, your building façade says tons about how your business operates. After all, first impressions are everything, right? At LPD Painting, we all know how important it...

Residential Painting Services
Why should you paint your home in Melbourne regularly?

If you want to paint your home, knowing some tips will help you to have the best results. We at LPD Painting offer the best services for our client in...

Weatherboard Repairs Melbourne
How to paint your weatherboard house

Weatherboard is the wooden siding of a house in the form of horizontal panels, often overlying and the purpose of weatherboard painting is to make the appearance of a house...

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