Advantages of a commercial paint job for your business

Commercial Painting Melbourne

Advantages of a commercial paint job for your business

As a business owner, your building façade says tons about how your business operates.

After all, first impressions are everything, right? At LPD Painting, we all know how important it is for businesses in Melbourne to present themselves in the best way possible. We also know that the best way for an excellent first impression is with a high-quality commercial paint job. Below, we have summarized ways properly applied and well-maintained interior or exterior commercial painting that can benefit your business.

While painting could seem sort of a straightforward job (it’s just slapping paint on a wall) right? it’s like most things, the larger the job, the more complex is the performance. Painting large-scale commercial properties is not any exception, with projects this size having their own particular tones that are understood by professional commercial painters. Working with a specialist team offers a variety of advantages, while also ensuring that the work is completed with high quality. But why you should consider the interior or exterior painting and maintenance of your commercial building?

What’s your first impression?

We all how much power the first impression has over people, but have you ever considered what your building says about you? Whether you’re trying to draw new customers or tenants, or just maintain your existing ones, the care and maintenance of your commercial building interior and exterior paintwork can say tons about you before your potential new clients even reach to the door.

Given the importance of that first impression, investing in a high-quality interior and exterior commercial painting is often the foremost cost-effective method to give a fresh look to your buildings. Here are the benefits of using commercial painters for your next interior and exterior commercial painting project:

1. Sound knowledge

Commercial contractors have extensive experience and relationships with a variety of suppliers to make sure you get the best result, for the most reasonable price. They will provide entire color consultation, helping you to settle on the simplest paint color for your commercial building by taking into consideration the style of architecture of your commercial building. Additionally, a painting service that specifies everything will ensure that your property is protected from future damage.

2. Methodical approach

Interior and exterior commercial painters follow standard operating measures, from painting preparation to clean-up and clearance, to supply you with high-quality props. For national or multi-site painting projects, they understand the need of providing a high level of service, quality, project management and reasonable pricing.

3. Modern equipment and tools

The painting industry has seen a variety of scientific advancements during the past decade, with new tools being presented. Painting contractors have access to use up to date equipment, like specialist Elevated Work Platforms and scaffolding, thanks to their existing relationships with painting suppliers and manufacturing companies, which ensures that your building is receiving the simplest possible treatment.

4. Flexible approach

Exterior commercial painting isn’t a job that you can do in a day or two. The work schedule has got to be planned in accordance with the requirements of the business. Therefore, performing at odd hours, including nights and weekends, maybe a standard expectation adopted by commercial contractors, so that they would be able to work around your schedule.

By choosing to work with a professional painting company, you’ll feel confident that the work is going to be completed on time, on budget and with none disruption to your facility.

If you’re trying to find a long-term preventative maintenance solution, then it is time to think about a partnership with a longtime interior and exterior commercial painting company that can provide a custom solution tailored to your needs. You can request a free inspection of your property today and we’ll evaluate the condition of your building to supply recommendations to enhance the expectation of your internal and external painting, to save lots of your money within the long-term.


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